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"I was hesitant about the DIEP procedure because it seemed like so much surgery to have at once. I was surprised compared to the 2 C-sections and hysterectomy that I have had, the “tummy tuck” part of the procedure was a breeze. Other than a little itching at the suture sites and a tight abdomen, I barely knew that I had had surgery on my stomach.

"Recovery from the breast reconstruction required a little more attention. This was not due to pain or discomfort, but just to the details and caution needed to protect the delicate flap site. Dr. Kline and his staff were there every step of the way to guide me through these uncharted waters.

"At the end of Stage 1, I feel certain that I chose the right procedure (and doctor!) for me!"

M.B., Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

"I’m really not sure how to thank all of you properly. Thanks for your time and your God-given talent and your pleasant attitude toward me during all visits and in particular during all of my procedures. You were great and I’ll recommend you to anyone I get a chance. It really makes a difference going thorough “my valley experience” to have a doctor like you. I am so glad I chose the DIEP flap procedure and that I was led in your direction for assistance. Thanks to all of your staff for their patience, kindness and your smiles on each and every visit and call."

E.H. Columbia, South Carolina

"I send my sincere appreciation to you and your staff for the great care I’ve received. Finding you was an answered prayer. I finally feel as if there is an end to my breast cancer journey thanks to you. You are the best……"

K.C , Barnwell, South Carolina

"Thank you so much for all your patience with me and my family during our surgery. It’s always a whole family event thankfully for me! We have been treated so incredibly kindly, your caring and patience have been quite a difference from what we experienced to date. The trauma of all of this has been tremendous but now we feel so sure we have hit the lottery in you all! Our most humble and sincere thanks to each of you."

.B. Columbia, South Carolina

"I had open heart surgery in April of 2007 and bilateral mastectomy in December of 2007. I felt very disfigured after the mastectomy and you have restored by appearance. I am looking and feeling good about myself again after having the DIEP procedure in February 2009."

C.H. Lugoff, South Carolina

"Thank you for the outstanding procedure you performed on me. I am absolutely thrilled with the result. You really did a great job and you have a A-Class staff working for you. Everyone was such a pleasure to work with and very supportive and helpful. Thank you again for a job well done and it was my pleasure to have met you."

J.R., Summerville, South Carolina

"Just a note to say hello and that I am doing really good……………… I want to thank you all for your tremendous kindness and exceptional care. Thanks to you I feel like a “new” woman. You are all very special and my husband and I both appreciate everything. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, kindness and exceptional medical and personal care."

M.E., Dickson, Tennessee

"Thank you for helping to make my breast reconstruction a success. You achieved great results and I am very pleased. I look forward to seeing the finished product."

.D., Summerville, South Carolina

"I went for a mammogram the other day and the technician couldn’t stop raving about 'what fabulous work' my new breast was. I thought you’d like to know your work is being appreciated, by my husband and the technician who 'sees a lot of breasts, mind you'. Many thanks to you."

S.D., West Columbia, South Carolina

"When I went through breast cancer in 2000, my simple little life changed and it was hard for me to define the word “normal”. Surgery, chemo, multitude of doctors appointments left me wondering if I could ever be normal again. Going through my breast reconstruction has changed my life forever. I feel good about my life! It’s wonderful to go shopping again and to find things that fit. I’m no longer hiding in oversized and unflattering tops. I actually bought a bathing suit!

"I just want to say THANK YOU for everything you have done in completing my reconstruction process and making me “normal” again. I’m so very grateful! Thank you…thank you…thank you!"

B.H., Summerville, South Carolina

"Can’t thank you enough for all of the time and effort that you put into getting the insurance business done. Also, thanks for your constant reassurance."

.V. Candler, North Carolina

"Thank you for all the work that you do. You are a blessing to so many women and make such a difference in their lives. I appreciate you!"

J.S., Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

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