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Q. How do I schedule a consultation with one of your physicians?
A. Call us at (843) 849-8418 and any of our staff members will be happy to do that for you. We typically can find a consultation time within a week or two from your call.
Q. Is there a fee for consultation?
A. Yes. Our fee is $50.00, however, if you choose to have the procedure done your $50 is applied to the cost of your surgery.
Q. How long after the consultation can I schedule my surgery?
A. We routinely can schedule your procedure within the month, sometimes as early as the week following your consultation.
Q. Can you finance my surgery fee?
A. We do have arrangements with two companies to finance procedures for our patients. See our financing options page for more information. You can apply on line with both companies.
Q. What skin care products does your office carry?
A. We carry Skinceuticals and Glyderm products.
Q. Are your doctors board certified?
A. Both Dr. Kline and Dr. Craigie are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
Q. How much will the procedure I’m interested in cost?
A. When you call the office or e-mail this question we can give you a rough estimate of the cost of the procedure which includes the physician fee, anesthesia fees, and operating room cost. At your consultation we give you a formal quote for the procedure which is good for three months after your initial consultation
Q. Where do you perform your cosmetic surgeries?
A. We have our own operating room suite within our office certified by the Joint Commission on Healthcare Accreditation.
Q. Would my procedure be covered by my insurance company?
A. Insurance companies do not typically provide coverage for surgeries that are of a cosmetic nature such as breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction. However, in some situations such as with breast reduction, if medical necessity can be established your insurance may provide benefits for your surgery. We are happy to submit information to your insurance company in those situations for pre-determination of benefits.

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